Create a new sales channel by organizing your own auctions


Organise your own auction

You can now start your own auction and be up and running in a matter of minutes. Create one or multiple objects you want to auction and add any relevant photo's and documents. Set the date and time you want the auction to start and any requirements you might have for your bidders. Promote your auction easily on social media, other existing channels or invite bidders directly who will automatically receive an email with an invitation to the auction. The bidders raise the price with each bid, and a sale is realized!

Even though auctions have been around for a long time, interest in auctions has been spiking lately. Combining auctions with new technologies is creating a great new way of selling your products. Using an auction as a sales event reinforces your brand and network. An auction also speeds up your sales, because everything has to go on auction day. This creates a sense of urgency for buyers, as it is now or never. It creates the perfect competitive environment for serious bidders to aqcuire the object of their desire. There is no cap on potential revenue, where a fixed price may limit your profits. You can organise an online-only auction, or you can extend your physical auction event with online bidding.


This is where it all started for us. By now we have auctioned over 15.000 pieces of real-estate.


Currently we supply two horse auctions, but every type of livestock is applicable for auctions.


Classic cars, oldtimers and other rarities are also products that do very well on auctions.

For Developers

You can use our tools and API for far-reaching integrations into existing platforms and websites.


Hybrid Auctions

Adding online bidding to your physical auction? That's no problem with our Real-Time Hybrid Auctions

Real-Time Audio / Video

Extend the online User Experience by broadcasting your auctioneer live during the auction.

Internet Only

Pure internet auctions are also available. Whatever yields the highest sales for your product!

Maximize Profits

By providing everyone interested with a means to bid on your products.

Awesome design

Which is easily customizable to suit your own brand.

Great Performance

You think you can break our bid-engine with all your bidders? Give it a go!

Extended Logs

Are you having a difference of opinion with a buyer after the auction? Use our extended logs to substantiate your claims.


Should bidders make a deposit before entering your auction, or do you want to use a bidlimit?

100% Secure & Transparent

All data is protected and handled with care for privacy.

Easily Customizable

Do you want your own private label platform, or do you want to integrate using our widgets or API?


Objects auctioned


Bids processed


Bidders serviced


Total revenue

Accessible on all devices

To provide the best user experience, users are able to use the application on all devices!


Management Team

Paul and Ferry started facilitating a Dutch Real-Estate auction in 2010 with auction technology. Since then the auction has grown to 17 regions in The Netherlands and other markets were tapped, leading to the WeAuction Bid-Engine.